Composite material dental fillings, generally referred to as white fillings, are a prominent choice at Dentalville Panorama City for filling cavities in teeth as well as repairing minor cosmetic dental problems. Several patients composite fillings and bondings, are considerably less costly than other restorative dental treatments such as a new crown, and take less time to enhance the look of the teeth.\

Benefits of White Fillings

Amalgam dental fillings, or silver dental fillings, are used for filling small tooth cavities but can easily be seen when opening your mouth, especially for your lower teeth the back when you speak. White fillings have a lot of benefits that Dr. Monique Glosman will discuss with you including:

  • No mercury
  • Made to match the shade of the bordering teeth, improving the cosmetic appearance of the teeth
  • Usually last seven to ten years
  • More economical treatment option than various other corrective treatment options
  • Treatment can be commonly finished in one sitting
  • Integrates with the tooth, enhancing it instead of compromising it
  • Assists in insulating the tooth, protecting it from temperature modifications that can make the teeth sensitive
  • Depending upon the dimension of the tooth cavity, can be used with little or no anesthetic

Dental Bonding with White Fillings

Dental bonding boosts the cosmetic appearance of a tooth by repairing a damaged , broken or cracked tooth, or in completing a tooth decay by adding composite material like porcelain instead of silver fillings. The filling material "bonds" with the teeth, producing a solid white beautiful finish.

Dental bonding can resolve a selection of dental problems, which include:

  • Fillings voids in-between teeth
  • Fixing chipped or cracked teeth
  • Improving the look of teeth
  • Strengthening weak teeth, which aids them last longer
  • Repairing a corroded tooth
  • Changing old amalgam dental fillings to enhance teeth appearance
  • Shielding teeth that have gums showing tht eooth receding past the periodontal line

The Dental Bonding Process

Our dentist will make a mindful assessment of your mouth as well as determine what dental problems require attention. The various dental bonding treatments have slightly various processes:

Dental tooth cavities need to be fixed by very first getting rid of the corroded portion of the tooth. A tiny drill will be used to drill into the tooth to accomplish this. The composite is blended to match the color of the tooth.

The busted or chipped teeth will be prepared prior to adding the white filling. Voids in teeth can be fixed to look far better cosmetically by positioning the composite material in-between the teeth and also healing it to solidify it entirely.

Whether you are aiming to improve your smile by changing old dental fillings or deal with a broken tooth that's been troubling you for years, our caring and professional personnel are ready to assist.

Dr. Monique Glosman specializes in cosmetic bonding and is prepared to give you the beautiful smile that you deserve. Call us for an appointment today!