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As one grows old, the jaw bone that has missing teeth deteriorates and the poor quantity and quality of bone makes it difficult for them to get dental implants. Technological advancements have made it possible to grow bone through bone grafting procedures. These dental treatments enables our dentist at Dentalville Panorama City in Los Angeles to place implants accurately and to restore esthetic appearance and functionality. These bone graft treatments are sinus lifts and ridge augmentations.

Sinus Lift Procedure

A sinus lift procedure is surgery performed to add bone to the upper jaw where your premolars and molars are situated. Also known as sinus augmentation, during the procedure, bone is added between your maxillary sinuses (located on each side of your nose) and your jaw bone. The procedure entails lifting the sinus membrane upward to create space for the bone.

What Are the Applications of a Sinus Lift Procedure?

A sinus augmentation is performed in cases where you do not have sufficient bone height in your upper jaw, or your sinuses are close to your jaw for a dental implant to fit. You may need this procedure if:

  • The back of your upper jaw consists of less bone than your lower jaw
  • You have lost bone due to periodontal disease
  • Your teeth have been missing for a long time and have been absorbed back in your body leaving insufficient bone to place implants
  • Your maxillary sinus is too close to your upper jaw.

How is a Sinus Lift Performed?

During the procedure, you will be sedated using local anesthesia. An incision will be made in your gum tissue, on the cheek side of your upper jaw, where the dental implant will be placed. The surgeon will flap back your gum tissue and locate the surface of bone underneath it. The exposed bone will be cut to create a "trap door" of bone that will be pushed into your sinus cavity. This will raise your sinus membrane and create space for bone grafting material. After the bone grafting material is packed, your surgeon will stitch back the gum tissue.

Ridge Augmentation

A ridge augmentation is a surgical procedure that involves placing bone graft in the socket where the roots of your tooth were initially positioned. The procedure is done to create the natural shape of your jaw and gums that you lose after tooth extraction.

What Are The Applications of a Ridge Augmentation?

Ridge augmentation is done mainly to restore bone. You may need this procedure if:

  • Your gums and jaw bone structure are destroyed due to periodontal disease
  • You have missing teeth which is causing jaw bone resorption
  • Your removable dentures do not fit properly

How is a Ridge Augmentation Performed?

During a ridge augmentation, you will be sedated using local anesthesia. Our doctor will remove the tooth, if any, and replace the gum tissue over the tooth's socket and suture it. After the socket heals, the alveolar ridge will be prepared for a dental implant.

Where Does the Bone For Bone Grafting Come From?

The bone used for bone grafting procedures is mostly derived from your body, this is called autogenous bone. The surgeon may also get bones from a cow or a cadaver.

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