To prevent the jaw defects that an extraction can produce, Dr. Monique Glosman might advise an extraction site preservation procedure. Even if jaw defects have begun, socket preservation can correct any immediate issues. The benefits to having extraction site preservation include a boosted opportunity for successful dental implants and also a substantially boosted look to your overall facial appearance.

Immediate Dental Implant Replacement

Some people choose to have a dental implant at the exact same time as their dental extraction. This procedure, named Immediate Dental Implant Placement, remains a terrific way to keep your jaw and mouth in a healthy condition. Yet having actually having the implant placed at the very same time as the extraction happens is not always possible.

The Extraction Site Preservation Process

To maintain your alveolar ridge after an extraction, a particular sort of extraction will have to be performed. Dr. Monique Glosman can very carefullyextract the tooth while all at the same time keeping as much of the bone around the tooth as possible. The second stage of extraction site preservation is avoiding bone collapse by offering the socket location with a bone graft. Extraction site preservation includes implanting bone-like material into the outlet as well as covering the location to shield it. A dissolvable plug will certainly be packed right into the socket, or a stitch maybe positioned in the location of the bone graft. Ultimately, the bone will certainly grow around the outlet as well as offer the location with brand-new alveolar bone. At that point, your mouth will be ready to support a dental implant.

The bone graft will not last for years. If you pick to have extraction site preservation done, you'll need to have the dental implant put in a few months to a year, as socket preservation is not meant to be a long-term solution to losing a tooth.