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Soft tissue grafts are a final treatment option for advanced gum recession. When gums recede, teeth are at an increased risk of bacterial penetration and infection. In extreme cases, gum recession can lead to exposed roots. These roots are at much higher risk for infection and other oral health problems. If you are experiencing gum recession, please visit Dentalville Panorama City in Los Angeles as soon as possible to setup an appointment!

The best way to detect gum recession is with regular visits to our dentist. Between visits, recession can be detected by noting when teeth appear longer or more exposed. As the condition advances, symptoms can include increased sensitivity to hot and cold and toothaches.

At early stages, gum recession can be treated by improved oral hygiene. Combined with better habits, a deep cleaning can remove the tartar that is the most common cause of recession. With tartar eliminated, gums can naturally heal and return to a healthy level of tooth coverage. Advanced recession requires surgical treatment.

A soft tissue graft involves removing tissue from one area and attaching it to recessed gums. The most common source of soft tissue is the roof of the mouth. When the tissue is successfully grafted, it restores the protective covering of the gum and can eliminate symptoms and health risks.

The procedure itself is typically minor. The use of sedatives may prevent you from operating machinery or motor vehicles for the remainder of the day. Recovery time varies by case, but it usually falls from a few days to two weeks. During the recovery process, it is important to treat the affected area with care. Brushing and flossing will usually be foregone until the tissue has healed. Antiseptic mouth washes are a common substitute.

It is also important to avoid a damaging diet during the healing process. Soft, cool foods are the safest bet. Foods that are hard, crunchy or excessively hot can damage a recent graft and cause complications.

Complications are uncommon, but they can happen. During recovery, it is important to stay vigilant for signs of trouble. Continuous bleeding from the grafted area, unexpected swelling or severe and persistent pain are abnormal and should be cause for consulting your dentist. These symptoms may require additional care.

Preventative care is still the best measure for a healthy mouth. Gum recession typically begins from inadequate care or infection. Brushing and flossing regularly are the key steps to keeping healthy gum lines. Aggressive brushing can also contribute to recession, so stick to best practices as outlined by your oral care providers. A healthy diet is also essential to gum care. Excessive acid and sugar or starch buildups can contribute to the problem. Additionally, the use of tobacco products can accelerate recession. Giving up smoking and chewing tobacco is one of the best preventative steps to take.

Gum recession is a potentially serious issue that can lead to extreme discomfort and infection. It is also very manageable and treatable. A proper care plan begins with a simple visit to a healthcare provider. Proactive care will always provide the best set of options for sustainable oral health.

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