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What is Arestin?

Inflammation of the gums can be reversed in its early stages with the removal of bacterial plaque, regular flossing, and brushing. However, a gum infection can become so severe that it requires treatment using an antibiotic. We will discuss the antibiotic Arestin and why it is a great treatment option used by our dentist at Dentalville Panorama City in Los Angeles.

The Stages of a Gum Infection

Gingivitis is the early stage of gum inflammation due to a bacterial infection. When gingivitis remains untreated, it can eventually progress to periodontitis. Periodontitis is a more serious infection of the gums that gradually causes the gum and bone to shrink away from the teeth which causes large gaps or pockets to form. Toxins produced by bacteria breeding inside these pockets causes bone and connective tissue supporting the tooth to gradually break down. Without the proper support, teeth can loosen and then fall out. Aside from experiencing tooth loss, untreated periodontitis may increase a dental patient's risk of having a heart attack, a stroke or other health issue.

What is Arestin?

Arestin is classed under the tetracycline family and is administered at the time of root scaling and planing procedures. It is directly applied in concentrated powder form (minocycline microspheres) at the base of an infected periodontal pocket. Administration of this antibiotic can be done conveniently in-office and can be administered in higher or lower doses.

Advantages of Using Arestin

There are several advantages with the use of Arestin. Arestin is a highly concentrated antibiotic that can better address the actual site of the infection without the patient having to take additional antibiotics. Additionally, Arestin continues to work in the periodontal pocket to promote healing of the gums over a much longer period of time. It does not need to be mixed or measured prior to application and is naturally absorbed. Lastly, no dressing, adhesive, or local anesthesia is needed for its application.

Advanced Treatments Increase Oral Health

Advanced treatments ensure that our patients receive the best oral care possible. Conventional antibiotics are taken by mouth and enter into the bloodstream from the stomach to address a gum infection. Unlike conventional antibiotics, Arestin microspheres slowly releases into the infected area which provides a more effective healing of the patient's gums. Arestin is just one of many dental treatments offered by our leading dentist, who has expertise at performing the tooth bonding procedure, designed to correct uneven or cracked teeth. He can also perform tooth bonding in just one visit.


Patients can receive Arestin as an effective antibiotic treatment to avoid permanent oral damage before a gum infection becomes severe. This powder antibiotic maneuvers between the gum and the tooth to destroy harmful breeding bacteria and reduces the depth of gum pockets in patients with periodontitis, an irreversible condition that causes severe damage to teeth, gums, the surrounding bone and finally tooth loss. If you are interested in finding out more about the Arestin® technology, call now to schedule a consultation with one of finest dentists in the local area.

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