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Did you know that the chewing surface of back teeth is the most likely spot for cavity development in your child's mouth? If you run your tongue over your back teeth, you will quickly realize why. The surface of the back teeth is not as smooth as other teeth. The back teeth have grooves in them that have a tendency to harbor bacteria and food debris. Your child's toothbrush is not always able to reach into these tiny crevices. Dark and moist areas like these provide the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive and create tooth decay.

Furthermore, permanent teeth that have recently erupted are more susceptible to decay when compared to adult teeth. This is because the enamel of the teeth grow stronger with age. The child's teeth have not had as much time to strengthen and protect the inside of their teeth. The fluoride found in some drinking water and toothpaste can help strengthen enamel. However, it can be difficult for fluoride to reach into the fissures and pits found on back teeth. The good news is that pediatric sealants are available to help deal with this problem.

What are dental sealants?

A dental sealant is a clear plastic coating that is placed on the chewing surface of teeth to help them become more resistant to tooth decay. A tooth with a dental sealant in place is not nearly as likely to form a cavity, which could require complex and expensive dental treatment down the road. Dental sealants also help prevent your child from experiencing pain caused by tooth decay or an abscess.

How are pediatric dental sealants placed?

One way to think of a pediatric dental sealant is as a type of tiny plastic dental filling, although it is technically not a filling. Since your child's tooth enamel has no nerves, the placement of a dental sealant does not cause any pain or require anesthetic shots.

We begin by examining your child's tooth, or teeth that will be sealed, and if we find any tooth decay, we will remove it gently at this time. Next, the tooth receiving the sealant will be thoroughly cleansed and dried. The next step is the application of a solution that will roughen up the surface of the tooth to help the sealant adhere better to it. We then rinse and dry the tooth again. Finally, we paint the pediatric dental sealant onto the surface of your child's tooth, which hardens within one minute. We may help it along by using a special curing light.

Sealants Consultation

Are you a Panorama City resident with a child who you want to protect from developing tooth decay using pediatric dental sealants? If so, please contact Dentalville Panorama City to schedule an appointment for them.

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- Clement Douglas

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