As one ages, the jaw bone that has missed teeth degrades. The bad quality of the bone makes it difficult for a patient to obtain dental implants. Technical improvements have made it possible to expand bone through advanced bone implanting procedures. These dental treatments allow our dentist at Dentalville Panorama City to place your implants both accurately and with an exceptional esthetic appearance and performance. These bone graft treatments may also include sinus lifts as well as ridge enhancements as necessary.

Sinus Raise Treatmen

A sinus lift treatment is a surgical treatment carried out to add bone to the upper jaw where your premolars and molars are situated. This is commonly referred to as sinus augmentation. During the treatment, bone is added between your maxillary sinuses (situated on each side of your nose) and your jaw bone. The treatment requires raising the sinus membrane up to produce space for the bone.

What Are the Applications of a Sinus Lift Procedure?

A sinus enhancement is carried out in instances where you do not have enough bone height in your upper jaw, or your sinuses are too close to your jaw for a dental implant to fit.

You may need this procedure if:

  • The rear of your upper jaw includes much less bone
  • You may have lost bone as a result of gum disease
  • Your teeth have actually been missing for a very long time
  • Your body now has inadequate bone to position implants
  • Your maxillary sinus is near your upper jaw.

Exactly how is a Sinus Lift Executed?

To get started, you will be sedated utilizing local anesthesia. An incision will be made in your gum tissue, on the cheek side of your upper jaw, where the dental implant will be positioned. The surgeon will flap back your periodontal tissue and find the surface area of bone beneath it. The revealed bone will be reduced to produce a "catch door" of bone that will be pushed into your sinus dental caries. This will then raise your sinus membrane as well as create space for bone implanting product. After the bone implanting product is packed, our dentist specialist will stitch back the gum tissue.

Ridge Augmentation

A ridge enhancement is an operation that entails positioning bone graft in the outletwhere the origins of your tooth were originally positioned. The procedure is done to produce the natural form of your jaw as well as gum tissues that you lose after toothextraction.

You might need this tretment if:

  • Your gums, as well as jaw bone structure, are ruined due to periodontal condition
  • You have missed teeth which is triggering jaw bone resorption
  • Your detachable dentures do not fit appropriately

Exactly how is a Ridge Enhancement Performed?

Throughout a ridge enhancement procedure, you will be sedated using a local anesthetic. Our dentist will get rid of the tooth, as well as change the gum cells overthe tooth's socket and then suture it. After the outlet heals, the alveolar ridge will beready for a dental implant.

Where Does the Bone For Bone Grafting Come From?

The bone used for bone implanting procedures is mostly stemmed from your body, this is called autogenous bone.