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It is easy to overlook the health of your gums, but they are quite important. Think of your gums as the exterior of your vehicle that is keeping everything together and protecting all the moving parts. Your gums keep your teeth in place and help reinforce the strength of your bite. The issue is your gums are prone to disease through various ways, which can lead to issues like sensitive teeth or even swollen gums. Infections of the gums could lead to the destruction of the jawbone should it be ignored for too long. Teeth might begin to feel loose or begin to fall out when the jawbone is compromised. In short, periodontal afflictions need to be addressed before it's too late. Visit Dentalville Panorama City in Los Angeles for a consultation with our dentist today!

Periodontal diseases are infections, which attack the support system of the teeth. Many areas are affected when you are suffering from this type of disease, such as the alveolar bone, periodontal ligament, or even the cementum. Still, one of the most common attacks or issues that you might suffer from when dealing with periodontal disease is an inflammatory lesion. These lesions are caused by plaque that build up near the base of your gums where they meet your teeth.

It should be noted that there are usually two types of periodontal issues related to these inflammatory lesions. One is called gingivitis and the other is called periodontitis. Most experts will tell you that gingivitis is the least serious of these two, but that does not mean you should ignore it because it can lead to serious affliction.

Gingivitis usually springs up when plaque is left on the teeth. Plaque is an invisible film made up of bacteria and food particles. The film is sticky enough to stick to your teeth and damage your tooth's material along with your gums. The bacteria hiding in this film can form minutes after you clean your teeth, making the battle against dental plaque a formidable one.

The bacteria in plaque produce toxins that irritate the gums, which is why sensitivity and inflammation start to affect you.

Gums that are constantly irritated can move further from the teeth, creating pockets, which is why teeth begin to feel loose. This is a step toward full blown periodontitis. Plaque can also turn into tartar if it is neglected long enough. Periodontitis is a disease where the bacteria have already penetrated the gum line and are now tearing into gum tissue or bone tissue. The constant deterioration of gum and bone tissue can lead to tooth loss. There is no need to deal with this regrettable outcome because periodontal disease is preventable.

One of the most worrisome characteristics of periodontal disease is that it is usually painless. This means a person may ignore it because they do not feel it. A person may put off going to see their dentist, even if he or she has a suspicion simply because there is no pain. It is said that 80 percent of Americans are dealing with some form of periodontal disease by 45. You should also know that about four out of five people do not even know they have the oral problem. This is one reason why we will suggest that you practice good oral hygiene and visit as recommended

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