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Wisdom Teeth Removal

The third set of molars are the wisdom teeth. They usually erupt in the later teen years or in early adulthood. These molars are the last set of teeth that will come through. If the wisdom teeth come through without any issues, then they can provide more support for eating. However, for most people, the wisdom teeth come in at odd angles and can sometimes be impacted. This means that the wisdom teeth need to be removed. If you need a wisdom tooth extraction, call Dentalville Panorama City in Los Angeles for an appointment!

Sometimes, the teeth are at an angle away or toward the second molars. They could be positioned so that they are coming in under the second molars. Part of the tooth could erupt while another part remains underneath the gum line. You'll often experience crowding, which can result in other teeth being shifted if the wisdom teeth aren't removed. If the teeth are partially impacted, an infection can develop because of the open space that is created. The infection can cause severe pain, swelling in the jaw area and a fever. When you begin to feel the wisdom teeth erupt or experience any pain in this area of the mouth, it's important to visit a dentist or oral surgeon who can remove them.

When you visit our dentist, an x-ray will be taken to look at the position of the teeth. This will help to determine the best treatment plan for your mouth. At times, our dentist might feel that it's alright to wait for the teeth to erupt through the gums. If there are no indications that the teeth will straighten on their own, then an appointment with an oral surgeon is usually made so that the teeth can be extracted.

Removing the teeth is often the best solution so that there isn't any pain in the mouth or any other issues that develop. It's usually easier for teenagers than it is for younger adults or older adults as the mouth heals quickly. The roots aren't developed in younger people as they are in someone who is older.

There are a few different methods of removing the wisdom teeth. If the teeth have pushed through the gums, then your dentist can sometimes pull them like any other tooth. If the teeth are impacted and can't be seen at all or if they are partially impacted, then an oral surgeon will need to cut the teeth out of the gums. A local anesthetic is used to numb the area around the tooth. Sometimes, all four teeth can be removed if the surgeon provides a general anesthetic so that you're asleep or sedated during the procedure. Nitrous oxide is an option as well as an intravenous medication for those who the surgeon might spend more time in the procedure room. If you are put to sleep or given a sedative to relax you, then someone will need to drive you home.

After the teeth are removed, stitches are used to keep the area closed. A diet of soft foods is often a requirement for the first few days until the gums heal. If there is any excess bleeding or fever after you get home, contact the surgeon or your dentist for further treatment.

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