Teeth Extraction

While there are many dental treatments to maintain our natural teeth, in some cases, a tooth that is to diseased needs to be removed. When a tooth has been in some way contaminated, or damaged it has to be taken out to avoid further problems. When the tooth is extracted, the socket is in some cases additionally damaged by infection or disease. When a tooth is extracted, the bones as well as gums around the area of the missing tooth diminish swiftly after the tooth is removed.

Corrective Dentistry and Jaw Deformities

If the location of a missing out on tooth remains neglected, jaw defects mighttake place. When the defect has occurred, corrective processes can be seriously interfered with. Losing a tooth doesn't have to ruin your appearances or the means your mouth works.

Today's contemporary dentistry treatments can restore your teeth using several methods. This includes the use of bridges, dentures, and/or dental implants. But it can be hard to use any of these treatments if the jaw has begun to deform.

Contact Dentalville today and ask for a free consultation on any extractions you might need. The dentist will also review your X-rays to share with you other possibilities including keeping your tooth if possible.