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temp alt textPediatric Space Maintainers at Dentalville

Space maintainers are types of orthodontic appliances that are used to deal with premature loss of teeth in babies. They are also used for the prevention of malocclusions (teeth misalignment), as well as for overcrowding.

If your child has prematurely lost some teeth, pediatric space maintainers help to prevent permanent teeth from erupting into the resulting empty space. The cause of this tooth loss can be factors like disease, trauma, decay or overcrowding.

Your child may require pediatric space maintainers due to tooth loss caused by tooth decay, or tooth loss due to injury or trauma. 

Three reasons pediatric space maintainers may be required include:

1. Losing teeth early due to tooth decay or extraction

Baby teeth are very susceptible to tooth decay that can lead to an extraction. One of the most common places for cavities to form is the molars due to the thinner enamel found in baby teeth.

Although baby teeth will eventually fall out and be replaced by adult teeth, we must still care for them. Left untreated, tooth decay can spread to other teeth.

Some restorative treatment options include composite fillings, amalgam fillings or stainless steel dental crowns. In the case of an extracted tooth, pediatric space maintainers can be used to prevent overcrowding or misalignment as the permanent teeth are growing in.

2. Baby teeth that are over-retained

Pediatric space maintainers can prevent problems from developing due to over-retained baby teeth. This is in reference to loosened baby teeth that tighten back up into gums, which prevents permanent teeth from erupting.

In this situation, if baby teeth are left unextracted, crowding can occur due to a lack of space. Furthermore, permanent teeth may begin erupting over baby teeth.

3. Traumatic Tooth Loss

It is not uncommon for children to lose their front baby teeth, particularly the canines and incisors, prematurely due to decay or trauma. Since children are still developing their motor skills at this time, injuries to the front teeth are quite common.

Pediatric space maintainers are not a permanent solution. When the permanent teeth erupt, they will be removed. Pediatric space maintainers come in two basic types: fixed and removable. As the names indicate, fixed pediatric space maintainers are not removable, while the second type can be removed.

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