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An oral biopsy is a medical process that entails extraction of body tissue from the mouth or throat for close examination in the laboratory. The intention of carrying out the biopsy is to determine possible causes of infections in those oral cells. This procedure is utilized by cancer specialists to determine if individual cells of the body are cancerous. If you need a biopsy, feel free to call Dentalville Panorama City in Los Angeles for an appointment!

Types of Oral Biopsies

There are two main types of biopsies used for diagnosis of oral cancer:

  • Incisional Biopsy: This kind of biopsy involves cutting a small piece of tissue from the infected region. It is the most popular type of biopsy for oral cancers. The biopsy can be done in the doctor's office or an operating room. This depends on where the growth is located and how easy it is to get the sample. If the sample is deep in the throat, you may need general anesthesia before the procedure. For samples that are easy to get, local numbing is applicable. The doctor utilizes special tools through the endoscope to get the samples.
  • Fine Needle Biopsy: This type of biopsy uses a thin needle which is attached to a syringe to help draw fluids from the affected area. The samples cells are then examined under the microscope to determine if they are cancerous. FNA is also used to monitor patients with neck masses with the help of CT scans. It is helpful in various situations such as finding the cause of new neck masses. The procedure may show that the lump is non-cancerous meaning it may be as a result of other reactions such as sinus or tooth infections. In other cases, FNA may find non-cancerous cysts that can be eliminated by surgery. When FNA doesn’t show signs of cancer cells, other tests are applicable. Such tests include pharyngoscopy and panendoscopy.

In cases where FNA derives cancer features, the doctor can easily diagnose the type of cancer. Further tests may apply to determine the source of the cancer cells in the mouth or throat. FNA can also reveal other cancers such as lymphoma which could have spread from other parts of the body. In this case, further tests will establish the source to allow prompt treatment and care.

Learning The Extent Of Existing Cancer

For patients with known Oral cancer, FNA is used to determine the rate at which cancer has spread to other organs. This allows the doctor to apply appropriate preventive and curative measures.

To Examine Recurrence Of Cancer

After treatment, fine needle aspiration applies to check if previous treatment was effective. Patients who undergo surgery or radiation therapy require FNA to check if new masses forming around the neck indicate recurrence of cancer or scars.

Oral biopsies provide more conclusive results compared to other oropharyngeal cancer diagnostic processes. However, an additional test may apply to other cases or oral cancers. The kind of biopsy depends on the size, site, and features of deformity. The procedure also determines the source of the tumors which allow implementation of better treatment strategies.

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