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To some, the prospect of getting dentures can be pretty scary, but it need not be. Once you understand the different types of dentures and how they improve your overall well-being, you will be more at ease with them. Dentalville Panorama City in Los Angeles offers immediate, full, and partial dentures.

When do you need dentures?

We will recommend dentures when several, or all of your teeth, are bad. This can describe a range of afflictions from broken or crumbling teeth to infected or missing teeth. Bad teeth are more than simply unattractive, they can be very painful and seriously affect your health.

Broken teeth are hard to keep clean, and the plaque buildup will cause infections to set up. Once this happens, the infections spread to other parts of your body through swallowing. Tooth infections can be linked to health issues such as strokes, heart disease, and bone deterioration. They also affect how you chew which can lead to jaw issues including earaches and headaches. Now you can see the benefits of replacing those bad teeth.

What to expect

We will make a full cast of your mouth along with a full set of x-rays. This helps determine the tooth placement in the dentures as well as attaining the proper size that is best for you.

Your teeth will then be pulled. Depending on the type of denture you are getting, you will be instructed on how to care for your mouth during the healing process.

Your dentures will be fitted into your mouth and checked for fit and comfort. Often, this is the time when extra sizing will be needed. We will make notes and your dentures will be re-sized by either buffing away some material or adding more, depending on your needs.

The three styles

Traditional Full: This is a full set of upper and lower dentures that are fitted after all your teeth are pulled and the gums have had time to heal. In cases of serious gum disease, this will be the way we will have you go.

Immediate Full: As the name indicates, these are a full set of dentures that are placed and fitted immediately after your teeth are pulled. This method is popular with patients who do not wish to be without teeth for any period of time, however, healing time can take a bit longer. You will also need more follow-up visits to fit the dentures once the gums have healed.

Partials: These are ideal for people with just a few missing teeth. A partial consists only of the missing teeth in a gum-like base and anchored to the remaining teeth by a metal bracket.

Keeping any denture clean is essential, but always use denture products as regular toothpaste will scratch and harm the denture.

Once you are comfortable with your new dentures, you will have renewed self-confidence and since there are no more painful teeth, you may even have an improved appetite. Your health will benefit greatly as well without the toxins in your body from all the infections.

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“I was sure I just needed a filling, but when I saw that my filling had almost completely fallen away with the wand that showed my smile on the monitor, it was obvious I would need a crown or face losing the whole tooth. I was able to get a special price on the crown which made things easier for me personally. I am glad for the help and thank Dentalville for working with me and providing great service and care. Will be back”

- Clement Douglas

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