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A visit to any dentist can be a nerve wracking experience. At Dentalville Panorama City in Los Angeles, we want to change that and provide you with amenities to make your entire experience pleasant and stress free. Our goal is to make sure every aspect of your appointment is comfortable and different from the standard dental visit. Here are some of the VIP amenities that we offer during your visit.

We Are Dedicated To Providing Comfort To Our Patients

Head rest pillows - Some procedures take longer than others and it can create a lot of discomfort. That's why we make sure that your head and neck are properly supported by comfortable head rest pillows during the entire procedure.

Blankets - The office atmosphere can be cold for some patients. We'll provide you with a clean sheet of blankets so that you can stay warm and comfortable until your procedure is finished.

iPods - If you prefer to listen to music during the procedure, we'll provide you with iPods to take the attention away from the procedure. Our devices are equipped with a diverse collection of music to suit your tastes.

An Enviorment Designed to Relax and Entertain You

Flat Screen TVs - Every one of our patient rooms are equipped with flat screen TVs so that you can enjoy quality entertainment while you wait for us to attend to you.

Relaxing Music - To create a serene and laid back atmosphere, we play relaxing music in the patient rooms. This will help you calm your nerves and reduce your stress.

Sedation Options for Patients that Have Anxiety

IV Sedation - IV sedation provides a deep relaxation so that you don't know what's happening during the procedure. It is a perfect solution that is relatively painless. You'll feel a small pinch on your arm and will fall asleep during the procedure. Before you know it, you'll have woken up after everything is finished.

Oral Sedation - An alternative to IV sedation is oral sedation. Oral sedation will allow you to stay conscious during the procedure but you will be unaware of the pain, noise and smells that are commonly associated with a dental visit. Both sedative options are perfect if you have a long procedure that you want done in one painless visit.

Our Team Is Prepared and Dedicated to Provide You with an Outstanding Service

On top of everything, our team is dedicated to making sure that you are treated with compassion and respect. Our office staff are all properly trained and qualified to meet your needs. We provide personalized attention and professional bedside manners. We put in extra effort into making sure you're comfortable if you're one of the many patients that have serious anxiety about dental appointments.

At Dentalville Panorama City, our goal is to make sure that your dental visit is enjoyable. We want to change the typical dental experience by providing the environment and solutions to take the stress and anxiety away. We'll answer any of your questions and address all your concerns so that you understand everything about your procedure. To book an appointment with us, call us today at (818) 452-0045.

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“I was sure I just needed a filling, but when I saw that my filling had almost completely fallen away with the wand that showed my smile on the monitor, it was obvious I would need a crown or face losing the whole tooth. I was able to get a special price on the crown which made things easier for me personally. I am glad for the help and thank Dentalville for working with me and providing great service and care. Will be back”

- Clement Douglas

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