Why Should You Get Braces?

Whether it's to straighten the teeth or enhance the function of the teeth so that you can eat and talk properly, there are a few reasons why traditional braces are a good option. One of the common reasons to get braces is because you have an overbite or an underbite. This is when the top and bottom teeth don't line up in the proper manner, which can impact how you talk, the way that the mouth looks and how you eat. Another reason is that of spacing. Braces can help to pull the teeth together so that they are in a straight line. Crowding is another issue that can be solved with braces as the teeth can be maneuvered in a way that gently pulls them to a point where they aren't overlapping. Visit Dentalville Panorama City for braces today!

How Are Braces Put On Your Teeth?

When you have braces put on, you'll visit our orthodontist. Our dentist might refer you to our orthodontist, or you could find one on your own who you would like to visit. The first appointment will consist of x-rays being taken to determine what's going on with the teeth. The doctor will talk to you about the options that you have and how long you might have to wear braces. You'll also discuss the price of the braces. If you want to proceed with the treatment, then another appointment is usually made so that you can have impressions of the mouth done.

The impressions are made with a soft material that is almost like dough. Your orthodontist will use the mold to get a better idea of how the teeth will shift with each step of the braces being in place. Your teeth are then cleaned and prepared for the brackets to be placed. A small metal bracket is glued onto each tooth. A thin wire is threaded through each bracket. This is what helps to move the teeth, not the brackets. After the wire is in place, you can choose what color of band you want to go around each bracket.

Each month, you'll visit your orthodontist to get the wires tightened. This involves clipping the end of the wires and pulling it in place. The tightening of the wire can be uncomfortable for a few days, but this is how the teeth are straightened. At times, the old wire is removed so that a thicker wire can be put in place. If you have teeth that aren't lined with the rest of the teeth, then you might need to wear small rubber bands. The band is attached to two or three hooks on the brackets. The bands will pull the teeth into place so that they are in a line.

How To Survive With Braces

There are a few foods that you should avoid. Don't eat anything chewy, and don't chew gum. You want to avoid hard foods as they can make the brackets pop off, especially on the back teeth. Foods that have a high sugar content should be avoided as well. Brush the teeth as thoroughly as possible, using a water pick if you can get one to clean between the brackets.