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An apicoectomy is a dental procedure that involves reduction of the tip of a tooth's roots. It usually follows unsuccessful root canals, which are meant to remove infection from the interior pulp of the roots. In some instances this isn't sufficient, and endodontic surgery is required. This is an area where we excel. So visit Dentalville Panorama City in Los Angeles if you are in need of an Apicoectomy!

Explaining Endodontic Surgery

This is a technique used to locate and repair damage that doesn't appear on x-rays but is suspected because of pain in the tooth. Endodontic examination may be necessary if no other cause for the tooth problem can be found. The damage can include the tooth itself or surrounding bone as well as the roots. Surgery could also be necessary to treat damage or imperfections such as tiny fractures, perforations, or ledges. The most common procedure is apicoectomy, also known as root-end resection.

What Apicoectomy Involves

It requires an incision into the gum around the affected tooth, and any damaged tissue is removed along with 1 to 3 millimeters at the tip of the root. A filling of modern dental amalgams is then placed over the root to prevent reinfection, and the incision is closed. Over a period of time, the bone and tissue heal around the repaired root and the tooth returns to normal. We have the experience and advanced equipment to make this a simple and efficient treatment.

Who Needs Apicoectomy?

We might recommend the procedure for a number of reasons. Patients that have persistent pain or infection after other treatments may require the treatment. Blockage of the natural root canal due to calcification of the bone, treatment of damage or imperfections such as tiny fractures, pits, or ledges may require an apicoectomy.

Before and After

Antibiotic treatments or medications are usually given first to reduce any infection and inflammation. Multiple x-rays are taken of the affected area to give our experienced staff as much information as possible on planning the surgery. When the apicoectomy is performed, a local anesthetic is usually sufficient, but we take all necessary precautions to make you comfortable and minimize your pain.

After the procedure, there will be some pain and swelling typical of any surgical procedure. Ice packs can help. Pain relievers and further antibiotics or anti-inflammatories may be prescribed. If the medication you receive isn't effective, notify our office and we'll be glad to suggest alternatives.

Good oral hygiene is also necessary to speed healing, which includes dental rinses, careful brushing, and avoiding cigarettes. It's also important to take any medications prescribed and make a follow-up appointment with us so we can ensure that your post-surgery healing progresses optimally.

Call For an Appointment

If you've had dental surgeries elsewhere that didn't correct your problem, or if you suspect other tooth root issues, please call for an appointment. One of our endodontic specialists can examine your tooth and explain your options. We have a highly trained staff and a state-of-the-art facility to ensure that you receive the best dental care possible.

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“I was sure I just needed a filling, but when I saw that my filling had almost completely fallen away with the wand that showed my smile on the monitor, it was obvious I would need a crown or face losing the whole tooth. I was able to get a special price on the crown which made things easier for me personally. I am glad for the help and thank Dentalville for working with me and providing great service and care. Will be back”

- Clement Douglas

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